Here are 10 updates for your home that are likely

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  • A fresh coat of paint. You can completely transform the entire interior of your home and paint is a relatively inexpensive home improvement.
  • Install a steel entry door. A new door is going to make a statement and give you some excellent street appeal. When a buyer falls in love with your home, typically they're willing to pay more for it.
  • Do a minor bathroom remodel. You don't need to go crazy to update your bathroom. While home buyers fall in love with kitchens and bathrooms, a simple new vanity, toilet and flooring can do wonders!
  • Do a minor kitchen remodel. Just like with a bathroom, you don't need to gut your kitchen in order to increase your home's value. You can save money by painting cabinets instead of purchasing new ones. And new appliances will always make a difference.
  • Consider a basement remodel. This can be easier than you think and adding more livable square footage is always good.
  • Update the flooring. You can do anything from refinishing your original flooring to adding a new floor. Today's laminate, vinyl plank and carpets can be amazing without breaking the bank
  • Add Smart Home updates. Simply adding a smart thermostat impresses buyers and allows homeowners to save on their electric bills.
  • Update hardware and fixtures. Replace the brass doorknobs from the 1990s. New fixtures can make a bold statement for a modest expense.
  • Improve the landscaping. Curb appeal helps sell homes and outdoor living spaces make homes more appealing.
  • Add a deck or porch. Buyers are always attracted by additional livable spaces.


While this is a good list, it just scratches the surface of projects that can add value to your home.