Retirement: States With the Low Humidity

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Is humidity a factor in your retirement destination? Do your aching joints tell you when a storm is coming? You’ve heard about this phenomenon, if you haven’t experienced it. Studies published by Harvard about how weather affects human health publish contradictory results. But as anyone with arthritis knows, it seems like we can feel barometric pressure in our joints and old injuries. 

If you’re like me —who can feel a storm coming by the ache in that one bad knee—you’ll be eager to retire in a low-humidity state, and yes, Utah fits the bill!

The word “stunning” is often overused on the internet. But the landscape in Utah is truly stunning. If you love incredible mountain views, vast swaths of uninhabited terrain, and very light traffic, the “beehive state” might be perfect for you. 

Utah is a semi-arid desert, and the only real humidity occurs in December. It’s one of the driest states in the whole nation. Summers can be scorching, and winters can be frigid but also dry. Unlike some other desert states, residents enjoy four distinct seasons.

Retirees love Utah for the:

  • Incredible scenery
  • Outdoor activities
  • Wildlife watching
  • Low taxes

Many parts of Utah remain unsettled, and it can be a long drive to quality medical facilities. Keep that in mind when touring retirement communities.